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Re: tower gould videos, Jim Morrison

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From: "Max Kuenkel" <

> Thanks for that, just ordered ten videos.

You're welcome.  I love spreading Gould around.  I don't think you'll have
much of a problem getting your videos. I ordered mine "special delivery"
from Amazon last month and all have come in except the final episode, number
16, on the 20th century.  I assume they're coming from the same distributor,
but I could be wrong.  If you don't get all your tapes please let me know.

Also let me know when you get any of them in.  I'd love to talk about them.
Just a few weeks ago we were talking about how great the  An Art of the
Fugue tape was.  Do you share that opinion?  I was also esp moved by the
rendering of Beethoven's Pastorale sym in the empty auditorium in the
Conductor tape.  have you seen it?