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Re: gould/beethoven site

Max wrote

>For a moment I tried to imagine the kind of landscape
> photography that would be LEAST Gouldian, and an image came to mind of the
> Amazon river flowing through the jungle on the hottest day of  summer,
> complete with one of those big crocodiles staring at you from just below
> water.

oh that is funny, welcome to the list.  how about a hippopotamus or two as
well, big jaws chewing on some grass that grows in the water
> I couldn't say which photos go with which piece of music, but I think that
> perhaps the second one from the top is the most Gouldian,

could be,

>can't say why,
> though, maybe because it seems so self-content (in a good way), complete,
> ideal, quiet, peaceful.

right, the confidence is there, the light isn't coming from one obvious and
attention drawing source, like the sun in the background of some of the
pictures, in the one you're talking about, the scene is lit from a source we
cannot see.  and let's not overlook the fact that our eyes aren't really
drawn into the background, though the clouds do make a nice backdrop.  it's
the grove of trees we see, in the field of snow, confident, as you say,
complete, the focus is firmly set right on the trees.

And it's also reminiscent of those scenes in 32 short films in which Gould
is talking to some person out of the screen.

I should mention that I'm pretty sure the person who runs that site is a
list member.

The second picture from the bottom makes me think of Gould's polyphonic

see you later,