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gould gould gould

hello, f minors!

just joined up and thought i'd say hi!

many thanks to jim morrison ( not of the doors fame i
hope...!?) fot the info on tower records gould video
sale...at last i can complete my collection!

i also am a fan of goulds' beethoven, and think that
the reason it is greatly ignored by many could be
related to goulds' reputation as merely an eccentric
bach specialist, nothing else. i encounter this
attitude alot, and not just with beethoven. some
people seem totally unaware of the magnitude of
goulds' repertoire and recording output. and even if
they are, many choose to not acknowledge its'
an example of this is andras schiff remarking that
goulds' mozart is historically irrelevant....a dubious
comment if you ask me!

o.k, we all know that old gould vs. mozart debate, but
it makes me slightly annoyed when specialists like
kevin bazzana try to speak for all gould fans by
saying  only the cultish obssessives thinkgoulds'
mozart is brilliant. like all art, musical
interprtation is largely subjective....having heard
goulds' mozart before brendels' i still think there
are moments of goulds mozart that are unparalled .

does that make me a lunatic?!

take care


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