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Re: Goldbergs on Acid?

Birgitte wrote:

>Had the record company not been thoughtful enough to label the disc as
>an interpretation of Bach's GV I never would have known this recording
>had anything at all to do with Bach. In fact, I still don't think it has
>anything to do with Bach.


Several months ago I read an interview of Glenn Gould with Tim Page.  GG
said of Bach "I think he would have loved to hear his Brandenburg Concertos
as Wendy Carlos has realized them on the synthesizer.  I think he would
have been delighted with what the Swingle Singers did in the ninth fugue
from 'The Art of Fugue'. "  He also mentioned a saxophone quartet playing
the A of F.  I have much the same feelings on Bach performance.

I am a Bach lover and a jazz fan so I went to the Amazon site that Brigette
gave us with great anticipation.  What a let down!  The politest thing I can
say about these variations is YUK.

I am learning to play the Gouldbergs, I mean Goldbergs and I can see
definite possibilities for a clever jazz player to make variations here.
Mr. Caine  is not this person.

>Actually, based on what I heard in the samples, Uri Caine's music might
>possibly have some use as, if not quite an instrument of torture (that
>would be too cruel),

Yes, but I hope that we never dislike anyone that much!

>perhaps one of you musicologists or jazz buffs out there can explain
>other possible merits of this disc to me.

You could use it as a Frisbee for the dog or the kids.

>Birgitte Jorgensen

Me too.  How do these people get recording contracts?

Anne Smith