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F minor Anthology?

The existence of this GG poetry project brings up the following question:


-- perhaps just a web-based publication, but perhaps also offering hardcopy,
on demand versions via the xlibris.com or iuniverse.com operations (which

There have been many fascinating, informed discussions on the Fminor site,
potentially of interest to not only GG fans, but to music-lovers in general.

Would any of the long-time regulars, or aficionados feel up to surveying
what's archived and assessing for possible contents of an Fmin op. 1?

Marc Estrin

> From: "Anne M. Marble" <amarble@SFF.NET>
> Reply-To: "Anne M. Marble" <amarble@SFF.NET>
> Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 19:13:48 -0400
> Subject: Glenn Gould Poetry Anthology?
> I found this during a web search. (Yaaay Google!) It was listed in the
> on-line version of Poets & Writers magazine. It came from the
> January/February 2000 classified section
> (http://www.pw.org/mag/cl0001.htm).
> "GLENN GOULD anthology seeks poems inspired by or related to the Canadian
> pianist's life and work. Topics may include (but are not limited to)
> Canada's North, Bach, art, music, musicianship, preparation for
> performance, stage fright, and eccentricity. Payment in copies. Poems and
> SASE to J.D. Smith, Editor, 2852 N. Seminary, Apt. 2, Chicago, IL 60657. "
> Has anyone heard more about this? Or even submitted to it? What a great
> idea! It's probably too late to submit. But then, I don't mind because
> poetry is (cough, cough) not my thing. (Translation: My poetry stinks.)
> On the other hand, a short story analogy about Glenn Gould would be great.
> I hope there are plans for something along that idea. Now I would submit
> something to that...
> ------
> Anne M. Marble