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Re: A more dramatic retirement from performing than Glenn Gould's!

Hi Dorian and Tom,

If you had read my post all the way through you would
have seen that I agree with you about dumping the
We often say "I wish I had thought of that" without
actually going out and doing it.

The whole episode is like a Gouldian fantasy.  It
makes a good story.  Doing it is another matter.  The
life of a concert pianist is not all glamour.  I for
one, think GG had the right idea.

 --- DorianLS@AOL.COM wrote: > >I can see Glenn Gould
laughing and saying to
> himself
> >"I wish I had thought of that."
> But what about that poor piano that could have been
> used by someone who
> was in need of a piano. I find this exhibition
> rather selfish. Sorry,
> but I love music instruments; they have a life and
> should be preserved
> rather than destroyed.
> I can't imagine Gould making such a public display
> nor wantonly destroying a
> valuable instrument. This is ego masquerading as
> commentary and critique of
> the music business.  Glenn would have written an
> essay, which of course he did.
> Who could imagine imagine him dropping a piano from
> a helicopter?!   Absurd!
>  Dorian
> >

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