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Re: Glenn DVDs

    Have any of you gotten 'The Glenn Gould Collection" on Kultur.

I got it.  I had the same reaction as Jim.  I thought the Russian one
was the most interesting (although the faked shots of some actor playing
GG wandering around were quite weird), was actively annoyed by Exstasis,
and Life and Times was somewhere in between.

Meanwhile, I picked up some of Bruno's other films -- Art of the Violin,
Richter, and Anderszewski performing the Diabelli Variations.  I guess
he's done quite a few others, as well.  (Maybe someday he will do an
autodocumentary, that would be cool. :)

Only watched A of the V so far, it was quite good.  However, nothing
will ever beat the Bach films he made with GG, IMHO.

Happy watching,