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GG: Edward Said

I knew of Edward Said and occasionally came across articles by him, but had no idea that he was a musician, let alone a fan of Glenn Gould.  If anyone has any of the articles listed below, would it be possible to post them to members of this list?
The titles themselves suggest that the articles would be very interesting to read.

"Glenn Gould, the Virtuoso as Intellectual." Raritan (Summer 2000), 20(1):1-16.

Musical Elaborations by Edward Said

"Music: Glenn Gould at the Metropolitan Museum." Nation (November 7, 1987), 245 (15):533-535.

"The Music Itself: Glenn Gould's Contrapuntal Vision." Vanity Fair (May 1983), 46(3):97-101, 127-128. Also In John McGreevy, ed., Glenn Gould: By Himself and His Friends, pp. 45-54. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1983.

Remembrance of Things Played: Presence and Memory in the Pianist's Art: On Glenn Gould:216-229