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Re: Happy Birthday, Glenn!

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Hi Jon. Yes, I believe GG bequeathed the bulk of his estate equally between those two groups. I think it was approximately $750,000 (in 1982 dollars!) if I recall correctly.
There was a nice link posted a few weeks ago to a monthly Dog magazine that featured an interview with a director of the Toronto Humane Society - I think she said they save 12,000 animals a year from the income from the Gould Estate. And I am sure the Salvation Army continues to wisely use their share of the proceeds.
It gives me a big kick to know that every time we buy a CD or video, a small portion of that CD winds up in a dog food bowl for some abandoned pet in Toronto... I'm sure Glenn would have been very happy.
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From: Jon Windust [mailto:jon@COGNOLOGY.COM.AU]
Sent: 2003-09-25 8:55 PM
Subject: Re: Happy Birthday, Glenn!

Happy Birthday Glenn.  Along with the finished version of Art of the Fugue and the Karlheinz Klopweiser discussion, I just thought I'd remind you that it's nearly time to record another version of the Goldbergs.
BTW Matthew, I noticed you said Salvation Army and Humane Society are still receiving royalty cheques.  Did Glenn leave his whole estate to these two organisations?
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Sent: Friday, September 26, 2003 12:50 AM
Subject: Happy Birthday, Glenn!

Happy Birthday, Glenn - we still love you! (Well, most of us, anyway).

71 years old, and your CDs are still selling, the Salvation Army and the Humane Society are still receiving royalty cheques, and Sony is still re-releasing your Goldbergs. Pretty good, no?

Keep on playing, where ever you are!


P.S. Can you please finish off the Art of Fugue, when you get a chance? Thank you.