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Re: Happy Birthday, Glenn! / Voyager

Title: Re: Happy Birthday, Glenn! / Voyager

  "Houpt, Fred" <fred.houpt@RBC.COM> wrote:
And, finally on his birthday, just a reminder that his legacy goes beyond the earth.  One of his recordings goes out of our solar system, on either the Voyager or Pioneer space probes, can't recall.  

Does anyone know which recording it was that was sent out with Voyager? There seems to be some confusion: I have heard it described as the C major Prelude from WTC, but whether it was Book 1 or Book 2 seems to be in dispute. And who made the choice?

And as (I believe) the Voyager spacecraft was launched in the late70s, before Glenn's death, presumably he knew about his inclusion! Did he ever make any comment about his music being sent as an ambassador for humanity into the vast depths of the Galaxy?

Yes Glenn, we love you