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Re: GG: Die Kunst der Fuge (slight return)

At 11:05 AM 9/27/2003 -0400, Karl Berry wrote about the Art of Fugue:
My favorite piano recordings overall are Eugene Koroliov's and Vladimir
Feltsman's.  Because, well, they were the most GG-like to me.  I also
very much like Charles Rosen's, he has a different attitude.  I have
Leonhardt's recording on harpsichord, but it doesn't especially appeal
to me.

Bradley Brookshire's recording on harpsichord is to be published later this
year; it also has CD-ROM features including essays and an analyzed
score.  I've heard a pre-release draft of it: this is really going to be a
special one, remarkable in its energy and expressiveness.

Bradley Lehman, Dayton VA
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