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Re: I Got the New Bazzana Book

Hi Anne, thanks for the update.  And could you clarify a bit for me. Did you
order this book from
amazon.com, or did you simply mean that amazon.com was predicting that this
book, regardless
of where you ordered it from, would be delayed?

Gould the Vaudevillian, I like that.


> This came in the mail yesterday -- sooner than expected. (The Amazon.com
> web site was predicting I wouldn't get it until mid-November or
> mid-December.)
> I've only read parts of it, but already, it is promising. And it bashes
> at least writes graffiti on) some of the "Gouldian images" that have been
> built up.
> This is a whole main heading on radio with separate subheadings on BBC,
> CBC, etc. With more than 10 pages devoted to the Idea of North alone. (And
> probably more smaller entries on the Idea of North.) And those sections
> don't have the attitude of the other biographers. (i.e., there's none of
> that "Eww, why doesn't he play the piano for me instead?" <wink>) Even
> promisingly, this comes under a section called "Renaissance Man." (The
> on the concert life is called "Vaudevillian" -- GG would approve!)
> ------
> Anne M. Marble