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Re: [F_MINOR] Admin changes

From: Mary Jo Watts <mwatts@EDEN.RUTGERS.EDU>
> The big news is that Anne Marble has agreed to take on the role of
> "co-listowner" which means that she will be around to keep peace, spark
> conversation and answer general questions.  I will maintain list
> ownership which means that I will do all of the above along with the
> technical admin of the list.  Anne will be a great asset to our
> community and I want to thank her for taking on this active role!

Woot! Glad to be here, glad to help, etc.

This is so ironic because today, I was doing something very un-Gouldian. I
was cleaning my apartment and actually getting rid of things! :-O Oh the
horror! But if it makes you feel any better, I did donate some cool books
and a role-playing game (still shrink-wrapped) to the Salvation Army. And I
bought some Poland Spring water.

When my brain recovers from the shock of bringing a bit of organization to
my apartment, I will come up with some ideas for discussion. :)

P.S. My Neopet is named Petula. :)

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