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Re: [F_MINOR] GG religious views and spirituality

Peter Waud wrote:

>I'm new to the club but have been a GG fan for years.

Welcome to F-minor, Peter ....  I think it is good to know the list is
growing. Slowly, to be sure; but growing: I may not post very often but each
time I do, the automatic email response I receive seems to indicate a very
slow but sure increase in numbers! Last time I posted it was up to 438

>I am trying to research GG's spirituality.  What did he believe about God
>etc.  and how did it affect his thinking about other things?  Did his
>Protestant theology stay with him throughout his life?

It is an interesting question but I suspect that, along with details of his
private life etc., it may have been one of those subjects that he preferred
to keep to himself and not discuss publicly. His parents were regular
churchgoers but it appears that Gould himself. as an adult, rarely or never
attended church; and yet after his death, it was found that he kept a Bible
among other books by his bedside.  Even so, in later life he also developed
an  deep interest in Zen Buddhism, although whether he actually thought of
himself as a "Buddhist"   I do not know.

Can  anyone else give us more information?


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