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Re: [F_MINOR] GG: Solitude Trilogy Question

At 11:46 AM 11/6/2003 -0500, Anne M. Marble wrote:
One thing I remembered about the complaints other biographers made is that
GG took portions of interviews from different people and spliced them
together to make it look as if these people were talking with each other,
or even having arguments, though they had never meant. The biographers
acted as if this make it artificial. Which I suppose misses the point.

I agree, it misses the point!

But that's a natural way for listeners to react to such a thing, to assume
that something that sounds like a conversation really *is* a
conversation.  Recordings of music are also artificial in the same way,
being spliced together from nobody-know-how-many little bits and pieces;
but we're supposed to listen to them as if they are straightforward
performances, and react to them as such.  (Although, Gould himself tried to
educate his fans to think of recordings more like films than like stage

FWIW, here's my review of the Solitude Trilogy for a Mennonite journal,
some years ago.  Some longtime members of F_MINOR may have seen it before....

Brad Lehman

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