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Re: [F_MINOR] Gould sparked Red Fears

From: Nessie Russell <nessierussell@YAHOO.CA>

> Another review of the new Bazzana book.
> "The late, great pianist, Glenn Gould was as weird as
> they come. But a commie spy?"

This excerpt was really amazing...

"Earlier, in 1955, external affairs was concerned about Gould's planned
trip, not because of his politics, but because of his abilities. The
diplomats believed Canada should send only its best. Documents found by
Bazzana at the national archives show external affairs expressed doubt
"whether Glenn Gould can be included among the foremost Canadian

Oh. My. God. OK, GG didn't have any records out yet (unless those limited
edition pre-Goldberg thingies had been released by then), but he was giving
concerts (all over the bloody place) and performing on the CBC a _lot_

As the article writer says, "One can only hope the bureaucrats at external
affairs back then were better at practising diplomacy than judging music."

I guess if they had been as good at diplomacy as they were at judging
music, the official language of Canada would be Russian or something. :(

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