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[F_MINOR] I am to visit Montreal

Dear F-minors.

I am a Gurudian who is living in Tokyo
and am to visit Montreal, Canada
from 6 to 13 December.

Montreal is 'next to' Toronto,
where, as all of you know, GG left many footsteps.

I  am supposed to attend an international conference
on biological diversity
and am engaged by the conference from 10 to 6 every day.
I addition, in the next day morning, aftrer the conference is finished,
I have to take the flight to Tokyo.

It means...
I cannot visit Toronto!!!
Oh! What a pity!
How I wish I could visit Toronto!
I want to sit down next to the sculpture of GG!!!!

Can anybody tell me some good idea
to find special infomration/thing about GG in Montreal?

Mikihiko WATANABE, PhD
Tokyo, JAPAN

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