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[F_MINOR] OT: Help! Anybody got any GOOD Xmas music?

Okay okay it's my annual appeal. It's Mandatory Non-Stop Christmas Music Time, at home and around town.
Don't get me wrong, I ain't the Grinch. I just have sensitive ears and sensibilities, and most of what they're aiming at me sounds like Christmas Fingernails on a Christmas Blackboard.
At home, there's one loophole: If I can bring in my own CDs of Real Genuine Certified Christmas Music, I can play it on the stereo, and everybody's happy.
I know there's Christmas Stuff out there with beautiful compositions, beautiful artistry, beautiful voices. What are your favorites? What do you like? What do you recommend? If GG ever strayed into Yule, it can certainly be stuff by Gould, that would be great!

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