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[F_MINOR] Another year with Glenn

Dear all Glenn’s friends,


I just wanted to wish to each one of you a Happy New Year, a happy musical year with Glenn still living on CDs, DVDs and tapes for our acoustic pleasure. I think there is also a part of his spirituality that he left us in his conversations, his gestures and of course in his wonderful recordings.


Listening to him while reading a score or watching his pictures sometimes, hearing his humming he couldn’t help and that I love, it is almost if I can feel him next to me, as if he was in the very room I am in, in those moments. It is a whole: the man and the music and the way of thinking, of feeling life at the tip of his fingers.


I remember one day when it suddenly occurred to me that if Glenn had been able to play from the inside of his piano, he would have done it. All the same, if he had been able to split, or to have four hands, in a way, he would have done it also: two hands for the pianist and two hands for the conducting and the ecstasy brought by MUSIC.


On my side, he also lives on pictures, and I still have a great pleasure in trying to “catch” his incredible attitudes to put them down under my pencil. While drawing him, I always listen to him, especially the Partitas and the Goldberg Variations. Listening to him and once again to his humming, drawing him as best, as realistically as I can, I feel the out-of-time of the studio, of the man, of the music. It is not a feeling like a mad guy could have. It is a feeling of being alone and out of time, in a way. Not alone on the whole, however, for it is like I could have Glenn himself next to me. I’m sure all the artists who take part of this list will understand…


Happy New Year again, then!




Vincent Thivet

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