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Re: [F_MINOR] A Gouldian game

Title: RE: [F_MINOR] A Gouldian game

Alright - I'll play along.... No particular order - just a mix that would be fun to watch.

1) Glenn Gould
2) Gustav Mahler
3) Alma Mahler Werfel
4) Anton Bruckner
5) Wolfgang Mozart
6) Beethoven
7) Martin Luther
8) Dietrich Bonhoeffer
9) Tammy Bruce
10) St. Paul
11) Mother Theresa
12) George W. Bush
13) Laura Bush
14) Camille Paglia
15) Faith Hill
16) Arthur C Clarke
17) Patrick Stuart
18) Sean Hannity
19) Alan Colmes
20) Rush Limbaugh

Let the arrows fly.....

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Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 1:24 PM
Subject: [F_MINOR] A Gouldian game

Happy new year!  (I got an I-Pod for X-mas so I've been smiling for

Somebody play this game with me, please???!!!

Ok-- aside from GG at the head of the table, who would you have for your
perfect dinner party?  There could be one where you think the
participants would get along or spark great conversation or a party
where all the guests were there just because you wanted to talk with
them. Living or Dead. Part of the fun of this game is trying to figure
out who all the people are on the list and what it says about the host.
Another feature of the game is trying to figure out who would chat the
most with whom and what about. Let's say you get 20 guests. It can be a
long party. Ready??

My guest list in no particular order:
1) GG
2) Peter Gabriel
3) Laurie Anderson
4) Prince
5) Julie Andrews
6) Pat Summitt
7) Theresa Wheatherspoon
8) Madeline Albright
9) Ella Fitzgerald
10) Dolly Parton
11) Monique Wittig
12) Bill Clinton
13) Katherine Hepburn
14) Elizabeth Le Compte
15) Walter Benjamin
16) Judith Herman
17) Audre Lourde
18) Camille Paglia
19) Hugh Kenner
20) Elmer Elevator

Perhaps Elmer can tell us who he would talk to from the list and what

Best Wishes to all for 2004,
Mary Jo Watts
listowner, f_minor

P.S. I'm making a list of the LPs for the folks who've contacted me
off-list.  It IS coming I promise.

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