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Re: [F_MINOR] A Gouldian game

Title: Re: [F_MINOR] A Gouldian game
So: we can choose twenty guests... Here are mine, in no particular order (except that yes. GG would be at the head of the table!)  Some I admire. Some I do not, but they are still interesting  and I would   like to talk with them or ask questions. Some I have even met!

I expect the choice of menu  might cause a headache. As, no doubt, might seating arrangements! For example I would not place no. 1  anywhere near no.14 ... or no. 4 near no. 7.

Oh, and no. 20 is  not  included because he portrayed GG in 32 SF....

1    Glenn Gould
2    T. E. Lawrence
3     Marcel Marceau
4     The Dalai Lama  
5    King Richard III
6    Charles Darwin
7    Grigori Rasputin
8     Gerard Depardieu
9     Laurence Olivier
10   Roman Polanski
11   Marie Curie
12   Albert Einstein
13   Emily Bronte
14   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
15   Stephen King
16    Tom Baker
17   Jean Brunier
18   Lee Marvin
19    Anne Boleyn
20    Colm Feore

Ack. I've left out Leonard Bernstein. Can I have 21 guests, please?
Oh, and Elmer elevator. Of course.


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