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[F_MINOR] R.S.V.P.!!! [was:] a Gouldian Game

Wow wow wow I been invited to a GREAT party! Thanks Mary Jo & Danielle & Istanwyk & Everybody!
This Dead or Alive part makes it REALLY hard to pick the guests!
I second those invitations for Prince! (He's Prince again, no longer TAFKAP or [that ineffable symbol].) He's just an explosive creative force, a force of nature. When he and Mozart get together at the party, they will definitely be on the same wavelength, and who knows, they might decide to collaborate on a new opera! It is one of the totally inexplicable mysteries of the universe that Prince and MST3K are from Minneapolis.
What will the PrinceChat be like? I saw Larry King interview him just before Y2K (because he was going to have a Y2K pay-per-view concert at which he was going to sing "Tonight We're Going to Party Like It's 1999" for the Very Last Time), and while Larry was his usual brain-dead, disoriented self, Prince was -- well, simply brilliant, stimulating, drily funny, with a deep spiritual dimension that reminded me of Carlos Santana. He talked about his nasty, protracted contract dispute with Warner that silenced him for several years. He'd attend board-room meetings to hash out the dispute with the word SLAVE painted huge on his forehead with a black magic marker.
Gould clearly had a very prissy side, and yet he was also a creative force of Niagarac proportions. I wonder how he was able to handle mixing with  flamboyant kinds of creative artists like Prince? Did he just hide in the basement and not mix socially, or did he actually hit it off with some of these creative Outer-Space types and enjoy these kinds of events?
I think I've asked before -- did Gould and Trudeau ever meet, chat and chow? One of the perqs of being The Boss is that you get to invite (command) all the Show Folk to the Royal Palace. (Somehow I see Trudeau as a Gould fan, rather than an Anne Murray fan, but I could be wrong. I don't think Gould would have liked Margaret T. and vice versa, but I could be wrong.)
I can't wait to hand the butler my invitation! Here's my list, also in no particular order!
1. Glenn Gould
2. Joe Orton
3. Rene Descartes (but NOT that creepy Pascal guy, and NOT that sleazy Liebniz!)
4. Sir Richard Francis Burton (the explorer dude)
5. Doris Lessing
6. Dalton Trumbo
7. Gunter Grass
8. Tycho Brahe (just to see his silver nose, which was second prize in a youthful swordfight)
9. Groucho Marx (he and T.S. Eliot were huge mutual fans, and dined together shortly before Eliot's death)
10. Vanessa Redgrave
11. Stanley Kubrick
12. Arthur C. Clarke
13. Edith Wharton
14. Sergeant Edgar Millen, RCMP
15. Pierre Trudeau
16. Robert J. Oppenheimer
17. Cyndi Lauper (she's got a new album!)
18. Wolfgang Mozart
19. Friedrich Durrenmatt
20. Edmund Halley (for a little salty sailor talk, and maybe some gossipy tidbits about his pal Isaac Newton)
Elmer! who will Definitely Not Be Late!

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