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Re: [F_MINOR] A Gouldian game

From: Mary Jo Watts <mwatts@EDEN.RUTGERS.EDU>

> Happy new year!  (I got an I-Pod for X-mas so I've been smiling for
> days!!!)

I got new tires. :)

> Somebody play this game with me, please???!!!

And I thought we were going to play twenty questions. ;->

This was hard to decide, so any of these are subject to change. Ask me
again in ten minutes, and I'll have some different people for the list. Can
we rent a hall? :) Heck, I wish we could rent the Golden Hall from the Lord
of the Rings movie.

1 GG
2 Petula Clark
3 Leonard Bernstein
4 Claude Rains
5 Senator Paul Tsongas
6 Roger Corman (the director/etc.)
7 Shakespeare
8 Tolkien
9 C. S. Lewis
10 Einstein
11 Ray Bradbury
12 Isaac Asimov
13 Beowulf
14 Buddha (Glenn would have some great discussions with him!)
15 Jesus
16 Robert Klein or Robert E. Howard, can't decide ;)
17 Anne Smith
18 Kate
19 Elmer!
20 Mary Jo!
21) My NeoPet Petula ;)

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