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[F_MINOR] Christmas music ex Africa

With apologies to Elmer for somewhat late-to-the-max. In So. Africa unpunctuality is referred to/blamed on/excused by the words/ as Africa time - but perhaps in time for his lament for December 2004 auditory pollution?  I suppose that shld actually be from September onwards....
We (the St. George's Singers, based at  St. George's Anglican Cathedral, Cape Town) did a really grand CD  some years back including some exquisite stuff by a few of  the doyens of SA music - John Joubert (There is no rose), Herbert du Plessis  (A carol of the Fleur de lys)  and a bunch of Warlockiana.  I'm surprised no-one on the list mentioned P the Warlock's stuff - surely some of the most lovely melodies available; such a joy to sing.  Always a puzzle given the (claimed) very dark origins.
Noel greetings from 40 degrees centigrade.  Sigh. Enjoy yr snow
Danielle Law-Jackson
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