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GG: Subscribing to MCML

          On 29 March 96, Kota Yamaguchi, who saw the Moderated
          Classical Music List (MCML) mentioned in my posting, asked
          how one can subscribe to the list and whether there is a Web
          site. The following information is for Kota and other
          f-minor list members who may be interested:

          Dave Lampson, the MCML moderator, has set up an
          excellent Web site -- the Classical Net Home Page.  The
          Internet address is:


          There should be a link there through which one can subscribe
          to the MCML.  (I can't find the subscription address and
          procedures at the moment, or I would provide them.)

          If that doesn't work, you can contact Dave Lampson directly
          and request the information.  You can e-mail him at:


          Hope this helps!

          Phil Garon