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Where in the world is Cornelia Foss??

Hello from Washington!

Earlier on in the month of March we were discussing Glenns speculated affair with the wife of composer/conductor, Lukas Foss.
I was able to locate a site on the Maestro that some of you might have already found on your own.
Or you can do a webcrawler search under Lukas Foss.
I also found that his wife, Cornelia Foss is a noted painter, but have been unable to find any information on her or her art.
Maybe some of you will have better luck.

                                                                                             Best Reguards,
                                                                                            Bonnie Hammond
Did any of you do anything special for J S Bachs birthday??
My daughter and I made a cake and devoted the day to listening to all of our GG/Bach recordings.