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Re: GG: Attitude towards shostakovich

Dear List:

Believe it or not, I was just about to write exactly the same message
(did GG like Shostakovich).  I regard Dmitri S. Very highly on my list
of major musical figures, and I hope GG did too.  I have not read many
of the GG essays, but I would not be very quick to assume that he did
not like Shostakovich.  His music is very personal and self-reflective,
I thing that GG would like that.  (I agree that some of Shostakovich's 
music is _very_ poor, like he didn't try too hard, but other works, like
the first movements of many of the symphonies are masterpieces.)
GG and Shostakovich also share the same birthday.

C. David Daniel

P.S. This is my first post to this list after reading fascinating, intelligent,
messages for three months.  Thank you Mary Jo, for putting together a refuge
for the GG lovers of the world!!