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GG-Concert Dropout Lp


I'm quite new to the list and I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere,
but I was very curious about this:

I recently picked up an Lp (vinyl) of "Glenn Gould: Concert Dropout In
Conversation With John McClure"  (Columbia BS 15) and I haven't noticed this
issued on cd.  I was wondering if there were any more recordings like this
issued (the interview starts and ends abruptly) since this one is very
interesting and I'd like to be able to hear more.

Also, I'm a vinyl "enthusiast" and am looking for GG's releases on Lp.  I
have had little luck finding them in the used record stores.  I would rather
not have to buy them on cd since I am wary of Columbia/Sony's history of bad
cd transfers.  Now, I figure that many people have been smart and have held
onto their original issue (or there's been a run on GG records lately) Lps,
but if I'm not mistaken, they sold quite well and there should be many copies
out there (at the time GG made many of his recordings for Columbia, they were
pressing decent quality Lps).

Any info on this would be appreciated,


John in Minnesota