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Re: GG and Toronto Symphony

    GG did do some conducting earlier in his career (it isn't clear whether
    Folkman is referring to conducting from the keyboard or baton-conducting).

In one of the early Sony videos (#3, maybe?), there are recordings of
him conducting a Bach cantata, Brandenburg #5, and something else I
cannot recall offhand, from the keyboard. (Actually, I don't remember
all that much conducting involved in the Brandenburg, more in the cantata.)

Several people have noted he would have almost certainly conducted more
had he lived longer, as he'd already recorded a substantial proportion
of the piano music that he was interested in.

The cantata (and maybe the concerto) appears on the out-of-print Music &
Arts CD 654, along with other pieces, as mentioned in an earlier f_minor
message. I wish I could find it (the CD, not the message :-).