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Re: GG and Toronto Symphony

> The cantata (and maybe the concerto) appears on the out-of-print Music &
> Arts CD 654, along with other pieces, as mentioned in an earlier f_minor
> message. I wish I could find it (the CD, not the message :-).> 

I find it ironic that you mentioned this recording today, as I have been 
planning to ask about the Music & Arts CDs for weeks and just today got 
the information to do so.  Obviously they have been discussed here 
before, but as it was before my time, I will ask about them anyway.

As part of my Library Science program I have taken an internship with the 
Beethoven Center at San Jose State University.  My project for this 
semester is to catalog their media collection and update their database 
for it.  While organizing the CDs, I found a copy of a Music & Arts 
release of Gould's recording of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat, 
Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor and 32 Variations in C minor.  These were 
all taken from acetates of radio performances early in his career.  
According to the liner notes it was part of a series called "The Art of 
the Young Glenn Gould"  and there were 7 other CDs available.  There is a 
warning in the liner notes that these are not for sound enthusiasts and 
contain all the faults that were on the original acetates.  The label 
does not say where the performances were broadcast, although it does 
contain recording dates for the two concertos, the date on the 32 
Variations is listed as unknown.  It can safely be assumed that they were 
CBC broadcasts, if for no other reasons than that one of the concertos 
was performed with the CBC orchestra.

Frankly, the whole thing looked really suspect to me.  I wanted to know 
if anyone knew anything about the company who released these and whether 
they were legitimate.  The CD really looks like a bootleg to me, and I 
was wondering if that's what it is.  Any information you could provide 
would be appreciated.


Janet T. O'Keefe

P.S.  In reaction to the recent discussion of Gould's performance of 
Beethoven, I would just like to say that the Beethoven Center owns more 
recordings by Gould than it does by Richard Goode.  I don't know how 
significant that is in the scheme of things, but it made me feel good.