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gould the jazzman

(Jeremy writes)
read in either Baker's Biographical Dictionary or Grove's that GG's
repertoir extended to Jazz, but had never heard of such a thing and
frankly couldn't believe it. On listening to "The Quiet..." for the nth
time, however, I became curious.  Anyone have the answer? If not, can
anyone tell me if its true that GG played jazz, and if any recordings exist?

 Er, actually this was a mistake on the part of (I think) Baker's. They
were referring to F. Gulda and jazz. This error was pointed out to Gould
by someone and he replied something to the effect "Oh, is that still in
there? I thought they had fixed that." (you can read about it in the
Otto Friedrichs bio). The only existing snippet of Gould's jazz efforts
is a bit of scat singing he did to illustrate the various instrumentations
the Art of the Fugue has been tried out with. (in "the question of 
instrument", sony video series)