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Re: gould the jazzman

On Wed, 3 Apr 1996 stephan@whoville.ucsd.edu wrote:

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> (Jeremy writes)
>  Er, actually this was a mistake on the part of (I think) Baker's. They
> were referring to F. Gulda and jazz. This error was pointed out to Gould
> by someone and he replied something to the effect "Oh, is that still in
> there? I thought they had fixed that." (you can read about it in the
> Otto Friedrichs bio). The only existing snippet of Gould's jazz efforts
> is a bit of scat singing he did to illustrate the various instrumentations
> the Art of the Fugue has been tried out with. (in "the question of 
> instrument", sony video series)
> Stephan 
> shamann@ucsd.edu
	I figured it was a mistake, but it seems to me that the entry was 
on the nose for the most part regarding GG's life, but in the last line 
said something like "His repertory extended from Back to the Second 
Veinese School and to Jazz." Seems odd to me that that they would confuse 
pianists on the last line. I eally wish I could be more specific but I 
don't have my music arsenal up at school with me. It would either be from 
the entry on GG in the 8th edition of Bakers or the 1980 Grove.