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Re: GG-Concert Dropout Lp

Hey, thanks for the interesting reply on my question.  Yes, I did notice how
it was edited and some of it (at least at the time of my first listening to
it; I plan to give it another go) did, in fact seem oddly put together,
though I figured some was also done that way, it being a major label release
and needing to conform to the time limits of the record.  Of course the other
odd thing I immediately noticed was how abruptly it began and ended, almost
as if it were part two of a three part interview series; no introduction or
And, keep in mind that this was, for the most part, the first time I've ever
heard GG speak and so I assumed he often spoke like that (I've seen "32 Short
Films" as well) and he does have a very good "on-air" voice and seemed quite
articulate, if scripted.

Anyhow, I found it an interesting introduction, along with the film and some
of his recordings, and just tonight picked up a copy of the Glenn Gould
Reader and am looking forward to reading it.  So, thanks for the info/insight
and perhaps what would be fruitful in the interview vein would be checking
into some of the work he did for the CBC.....

Thanks again,