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Re: GG: AOF Recordings

On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, Ryan Anderson wrote:

[Art of Fugue]

> 	Rubsam, Organ '94
> 	Alain, Organ '93
> 	Koriolov and Hadzigeorgieva, Pianos '94/'93
> 	Leonhardt, Harpsichord (recorded in '53)
> 	Juilliard String Quartet '92
> 	Gilbert, Harpsichord '90
> 	Amsterdam Bach Soloists, Inst? '89
> 	Hill, Harpsichord '89
> 	Herperion XX (an orchestra??), Savall, cond. '87
> 	Tachezi, Organ '88
> 	Leonhardt, Harpsichord '88
> 	Moroney, Harpsichord '88
> 	Canadian Brass '88
> 	Ars rediviva, Munclinger cond. '82
> 	Leonhardt w/ van Asperson, Harpsichords '80
(that last one is a duplicate)

OK, here's my list:

Recordings of Bach's "Art of Fugue" which I've heard:
(this is *not* an order of preference, but only convenience)

Robert Hill (hpsi, early version)
Kenneth Gilbert (hpsi, early version)
Gustav Leonhardt (hpsi, Vanguard, 1953)
Gustav Leonhardt (hpsi, Seon/DHM)
Louis Bagger (hpsi)
Davitt Moroney (hpsi)
three of my own concert recordings from 1992 and 1996 (hpsi)
Ton Koopman and Tini Mathot (two harpsichords)
Musica Antiqua Koeln (strings and harpsichords)
Max Pommer/Neue Bach-Collegium (strings and harpsichords)
Jordi Savall/Hesperion XX (viols and Renaissance woodwinds)
Samuel Baron's ensemble (string quartet and woodwind quintet)
Wolfgang Karajan (Herbert's brother, conducting an ens of three organists!)
Glenn Gould (1-9 on organ, plus assorted others on piano from airchecks)
Marie-Claire Alain (organ) - 2 different recordings
Herbert Tachezi (organ)
Wolfgang Rubsam (organ)
Lionel Rogg (organ); I think he's recorded it again later
Helmut Walcha (organ)
Charles Rosen (piano)
a two-piano version from the 1950's (Westminster label?), can't remember
      names at the moment
Canadian Brass
Berlin Saxophone Quartet
Los Angeles Saxophone Quartet
Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet (recorders - selections)
Portland String Quartet (Roy Harris' arrangement)
Arthur Winograd String Orchestra
Marriner/Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields (orchestra, harpsichords)
Munclinger/Ars Rediviva (orchestra)
William Malloch's "Art of Fuguing" orchestration
American Brass Quintet (Cp 3 only)
Swingle Singers (at least one movement)
my own MIDI realization of Cp 13

Have on order to pick up next week:

Grigory Sokolov (piano)
Daykin and Alexander (two pianos)

Recordings which I haven't heard:

Zoltan Kocsis (piano)
Juilliard Quartet
American Bach Soloists (but this is excerpts only (?))
Janos Rolla/Liszt Chamber Orchestra
Koriolov and Hadzigeorgieva (pianos)

Probably others sometime which I can't remember for sure...there are
likely also some other good ones out there in Europe only. 

I've already expressed my opinions about my favorites; maybe putting that
posting against this list will be helpful in seeing what I *didn't* pick
as my top 6. 

I'm looking forward to hearing the Sokolov (thanks, Neil) and the
Daykin/Alexander (reviewed in recent _American Record Guide_); planning to
pick them up Tuesday from special-order. 

Bradley Lehman, bpl@umich.edu       http://www-personal.umich.edu/~bpl/