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> According to the Sony video, the set was shot in Toronto during Nov 
> 20-25, 1980.  Gould plays these contrapuncti magnificently and he 
> appears to be very moved by them.  It is sort of creepy to see him play 
> the final uncompleted fugue.  When the piece abruptly ends and the screen 
> turns brownish, like an old photograph...I can't help but feel sad.

	I would very much like to see this video.. does anyone know 
whether it is still in print or not? If so would it be in just any video 
store, or maybe a music shop...?

	It seems almost fitting for Gould to record the unfinished fugue 
from AOF... an unfinished fugue played by a performewr who never finished 
his career. And yes, it's very sad...



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