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GG:Kultur video

Kultur has brought out a VHS tape called _Glenn Gould Plays Beethoven_ which
is reasonably priced at 19.95$ and includes footage you'll find in the
outrageously priced Sony GG edition (retail 39.95!) The enchanting and very
sexy performance of Bagatelle, Op. 26 #3, the F-Minor Variations, Op. 34, and
the Emperor with Ancerl (is this in the Sony edition??? I know for fact that
the other two are...) Also, this tape leaves in the dated CBC intros.  It
runs at 60 minutes-- more than any of the much more expensive Sony products. 

I haven't seen the Ancerl Emperor and it's very amusing to see the strings go
at it while GG just stares at them-- back to the screen.  Sort of his filmic
comment on the genre, I suppose.  I get irritated with the way it's edited
and wonder if the CBC has raw footage of these programs...

Just got Elizabeth Schwarzkopf's video _A Self Portrait_ which I haven't seen

-Mary Jo