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GG:slight digression

Thanks for the  reply to my (uninformed) question about GG and the harpsichord -
now I'm REALLY curious to hear those Handel pieces. I would also like to
reccommend the harpsichord recordings of Gustav Leonhardt.  His Goldberg
Variations are excellent; he's also done the French suites and the
Well-Tempered Clavier.  Keith Jarrett (!) also did WTC on a harpsichord, but
I haven't heard it yet.   (to digress further, I think everyone should
hear WTC on a real, well-tempered harpsichord. It lends each key a "mood "
of its own which Equal temperament does not (despite the GG quote which gave
this group its name(: )). 
Nichole Fromm

ps Does anyone know if recordings by Wanda Landowska on her "monster" Pleyel
are still available anywhere?