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Re: gould list

Dear Jeremy,

	I too would recommend the Bach Concerti.  The Haydn is terrific
(and I'd recommend it for next payday), but the Bach concerti are sheer
delight in Gould's amazing hands.  Enjoy! 

Bob Kunath

On Thu, 25 Apr 1996 jcs@grove.ufl.edu wrote:

> 	Incidentally, I have to pick betweeen two GG CD's tomorrow (I 
> indulge myself with one each pay day) and was wondering if anyone could 
> advise on which would be the better choice between the Bach concerti or 
> the Hayden Six Late Sonatas (those are my top, the only others available 
> to me are the Schonberg Leider and the Hindemeth Marienbalen recording).
> Suggestions?
> Jeremy