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I'm planning to overhaul the f_minor web site this summer (when I hope to
have some free time!) and am taking suggestions.  (I'll finally have
access to a CGI bin...)  I'm planning to make it easier to navigate
and less slow to load (for people who aren't on t1 lines at work or school!)  

One of the features I'd like to add is a list of links to f_minor
member homepages, so send me your URLS!  Also, music links (which I
add from time to time), media links-- really good URLs welcomed.

The GG FAQ should be updated, too and if anyone feels like writing
bits of info, that would be great.  I think it would be interesting to
add a GG bibliography, as well (anyone out there collecting one?)

Any suggestions, offerings, etc to me privately,

Thanks to all of you for having made this project work out so
wonderfully-- absolutely beyond my expectations!

-Mary Jo,