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Re: GG:Unreleased?

On Thu, 9 May 1996 jcs@grove.ufl.edu wrote:

> I've been sitting in this question for awhile. My college roomate is an 
> ardent collector of so-called Beatle Bootlegs. There are unreleased 
> outtakes and fragments of recordings (early takes and so on). Does anyone 
> know if such artifacts might be floating around of Glenn Gould? I've 
> always felt that Gould, being such a tremendous perfectionist, would 
> never allow anything but the final product to leave the studio, but these 
> things do have a way of circulating against artists' wishes. 
> I notice that in the GG Collection video "The Goldberg Variations", Gould 
> is running through takes and selects Take 10 as "the keeper" on 
> Variation 18. The earlier takes, if located, I think would be very 
> interesting to hear indeed! Any information?

You might check _Glenn Gould : descriptive catalogue of the Glenn Gould
papers_ published by the National Library of Canada, Ottawa, 1992.  2
volumes, in both English and French.  I looked in those books to get some
info about his Solitude Trilogy, and the amount of extant rough-draft
material and outtake/source tape on those projects is staggering.  I don't
have my notes with me here, but I think it was something like a thousand
pages for each program, and dozens of reels of tape. 

In other news, I noticed this week that the local Tower Records (Ann
Arbor) has in stock at least three video copies of the TV program (Kultur
video) in which Gould plays the "Emperor" Concerto with Ancerl.  The one
where he stepped in on very short notice, as a sub.  Same performance
that's on CD in the Glenn Gould Edition on Sony. 

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