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GG: the review of 32 short films

hello all,

I also found the review to be a little harsh...
However, I also found a number of Mr. Bazzana's criticisms to be
significant, and I was a little ashamed of myself for not having noticed
these flaws on my own..

For instance, I agree that the 32 variations thing is a little tired.
Because the recordings of the Goldbergs 'bookended' GG's career, doesn't
mean that it should be constantly referred to, as though it is some mystical
aspect of him to be paid homage to.  If it really had such significance, I'm
sure he wouldn't be caught on the record pointing out the many drawbacks to
the variations, and how it was far from his favourite piece.

I appreciate also Mr. Bazzana's criticism of the 'style over substance'
aspect of the film. It is true, it was 'art-house', and people are
intimidated to point out flaws in an arty movie, for fear they're missing
some really deep point.  But there were some aspects of the film that were
pure style "45 seconds and a chair", for example.
Much as I loved that one, I acknowledge that it is nothing more than style.

Bazzana makes a good point too about the glamourization of Gould into a
"Great Man". There are no references to his ethnic imitations, and his sense
of humour does only peek through in the film.  Instead it is a very
mysterious, sombre portrait of GG.  

Again, much as I loved the film (especially for its style)  I found the
criticisms interesting and justified, though a little on the stringent side.

best regards,


"Truth has never yet clung to the arm of an inflexible man."

-Friedrich Nietzsche