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It's tricky keeping up with the comings and goings of members so I'll point
everyone to the f_minor homepage:


This site offers links to most things Gould on the net, access to the f_minor
digest, various articles about GG I've posted, etc.  At this site you'll find
a link to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.'s _Solitude Trilogy_ site which
will give you ordering info.  

The pages will be undergoing a facelift in the near future which will make the
site easier to navigate and will make it load faster.  Hopefully one
new feature will be version 2.0 of the GG FAQ that I've been promising for ages

GG did several experimental radio documentaries for the CBC-- the
_ST_, _Casals: A Portrait for Radio_; _Stokowski: A Portrait for
Radio_, and hundreds of hours of more conventional, linear
documentaries on the history of music, etc.  GG's career at the CBC in
T.V. and radio lasted about 25 years (depending upon how you count.)
In fact, I think he stated somewhere that he was a Canadian composer, and
broadcaster who played the piano!  You can find more info on these
pieces in _The Glenn Gould Reader_ edited by Tim Page.

"The Quiet in the Land" is about Mennonites; "The Idea of North" and
"The Latecomers" (about Newfoundlanders) round out the Trilogy.  Sound
samples are available at the CBC site as well.   GG's intro to IoN
I've transcribed and is available at the above site.

-Mary Jo