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GG:Art e-news

Hi all!

The f_minor WWW site, http://erebus.rutgers.edu/~mwatts/glenn/fminor.html,
has just received a favorable write-up in Wendy Abrahamson's monthly art
bulletin, _art e-news_.  If you'd like to subscribe to the monthly e-news
letter, you can contact Wendy: wabraham@fen1.gmu.edu.

Here's a copy of the write up, and afterwards, my own disclaimer:

The F-Minor Homepage

Sponsored by the Glenn Gould Society, this page, in addition to
offering information to all things Glenn Gould, has connections to
other Gould sites on the WWW. There are connections to sites about
Canada, connections to sites that pertain to Gould's literary and
musical interests, connections to other Gould pages (like one at Sony
which contains audio files) and more. There is information on
subscribing to the F-Minor listserv; a wonderful selection of other
music sites including composers like Bach, Brahms, and Schoenburg;
music databases like MERB/CMI (Music Education Resource Database which
includes the Canadian Music Index) a keyword searchable music database
with 28,000 records from 30 Canadian and International journals,
covering 1956 to the present. On the whole, F-Minor is one of the most
graphically pleasing, interesting, and informative music related sites

>I'd like to thank you very much for your nice comments about the f_minor WWW 
>site.  There is one minor error, however, in the write up that I feel I 
>should correct.  F_minor is not sponsored by any official organization.  The 
>information supplied about these organizations is for the benefit of f_minor 
>and WWW users.
>Thanks again,
>Mary Jo Watts