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Re: GG: QitL

On Sun, 19 May 1996, Mary Jo Watts wrote:

> Bradley brought up some interesting questions vis a vis GG's
> "docudrama," _The Quiet in the Land_ and I thought I'd make an effort
> to respond.

Thanks for your comments.  Other folks?

> I ask myself, are Mennonites in reality this self-aware?  Is the
> questioning that goes on in QitL manufactured by GG who leaves in a bit
> of conversation at one point about how there are people who think
> about some topic, I forget, but that "they're on the fringe."  I
> realize the ideas are culled from hours of tapes and spliced for
> maximum effect but even so!  What a dinner party of anonymous guests!

Some of the Mennonites of 1996 on the e-mail listserv "MennoLink" *are*
this self-aware.  All sorts of ethical and philosophical issues get
discussed.  But the offline Mennonite populace at large?  It's hard to

There's also a fairly new magazine called _Mennonot_, "for Mennos on the 
margins."  See http://members.aol.com/smullet/mennonot/home.htm

> As far as how I would characterize Mennonite identity after QitL, I
> hesitate because I'm aware that this is an artistic philosophical
> piece-- I guess I'd say there is a great deal of conflict, both racial
> and ethical.  I can only imagine these issues have grown more
> complicated in recent years for Mennonites as they have for all of
> us...

I'd substitute "ethnic" for "racial," as it has little to do with race per
se.  But yes, the issues of identity are quite complicated. 

> Whew!  Any other comments?  Anybody??
> -Mary Jo

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