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GG: Ligeti

Hello all,

Not to distract from the virginal discussion (although I should mention
that I purchased Gould's Byrd/Gibbons/Sweelinck recording a few days ago 
and have enjoyed it very much), but I would like to voice a totally 
unrelated question. Apart from his playing, the most interesting part of 
GG for me is his large body of critical writings about other composers 
(it is perhaps a bit of a stretch to consider Gould a composer, but he 
doubtlessy would have liked to be called one).  I am presently interested 
in his estimation of the hungarian composer Gyorgy LIgeti, whose 
compositions are extrememly contrapuntally intricate, a trait which seems 
to almost make a peice an instant hit with Gould. 

Also, does anybody know what happens approximately 39:01 minutes into The
Idea of North? There is an odd smash, which is perhaps supposed to be a
train sound effect (I'm not one for the railways). 

Thanks all! And thanks Mary Jo, for keeping up the list!