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Mary Jo Watts wrote:
> So many people have come and gone on the list (which hovers in membership
> around 170 people from around 14 different countries) that I'd like to
> extend the request for new members to introduce themselves, maybe
> explain how you got interested in Gould, what your favorite recordings
> are, etc.

> -Mary Jo

Since you asked, I'm a keyboardist in Nashville, TN. While living in 
Cleveland, OH., I first heard GG play Bach and I immedeiately knew there was 
something very special about the way this man played. Years later, a guitarist 
friend of mine let me copy his bootlegged video of GG playing the Goldbergs. (I 
think the tape is commercially available now, but at that time was only 
available in Canada). That video is amazing.
 I play mostly jazz and R&B, and I have never studied "classical" piano. I listen 
to the 1981 Goldbergs at least once weekly. And the Well Tempered Clavier 
nearly as often.
	Anyway , there is at least one rabid Glenn Gould fan in the city that is the 
heart of Country Music, and I have been enjoying all the informative GG posts.
Thank you,
Steve Cox