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Re: GG:Intros

>Anyway , there is at least one rabid Glenn Gould fan in the city that
is the
heart of Country Music, and I have been enjoying all the informative GG 
Thank you,
Steve Cox

Ummmm....looks like there are at least *2* rabid GG fans here in
Nashvegas (well, Murfreesboro...close enough).

I lived in Ayr, Ontario (about 50 miles southwest of GG's Toronto)
when I first experienced the Bach Inventions and Sinfonias by GG.
It was one of those live-changing events.  At that time, I was
working on the d minor invention and wondering how anybody could
possibly play it that fast with that kind of contol.  I've since
heard it played slightly *faster* by Bruce Hornsby, who was kind
of noodling on it while warming up on the set of one of the
LIVE AT THE REIMAN specials taped here in Music City.  I don't
think he was trying to make *music* of it at the time though.


John Hill
Dept. of Recording Industry
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN