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GG: intros

Dear fellow Gould fans,

  The question Mary Jo asked was to introduce ourselves, out here in those
14 countries. Well, here I am, a Glenn Gould admirer since 1962, in 
the Netherlands. In that year I spent one year in the US. I was already
a Bach lover, but I had never heard of GG. Then this series of television
documentaries about GG made me fall in love right away with his way
of interpreting Bach. I was amazed at his ability to let the different
voices of a fugue come out, I loved the way he went around that studio
trying the findthe right piano to play on, etc.
  When I came home I bought a record of the Well Tempered Clavier by GG,
and that one I played to pieces. I also found, that in Holland I seemed
to be the only one at that time, to like the GG way: Bach just couldn't
be played on a piano, etc. Later, around the time of his death, GG had
a minor popularity peak even in the country of Gustav Leonhardt.
  I also have the Switched-On Bach record, bought it in '65 because of
a favorable remark GG made about it in a radio-program. 
  What else do you want to know? I am a mathematician, working in
a computer science department, working for a (late) PhD in Machine
Learning. And an amateur violin, piano and carillion player for
whom Bach is st_

Sorry, I think something went wrong.

Anyway, it has been a pleasure te be on this list, and have
a number of stimulating remarks about GG, almost every morning

Thanks for all the effort you put in it, Mary Jo!!

Rob Potharst