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GG: Intro

 Three years ago, my brother lent me the 1955 Goldbergs, 
 in the next few months I listened to that CD at least 50 times.
 Classical music had always been agreeable to me, but this was the first time
 I really went nuts over it.
 Since then, I have become interested in other keyboard music, 
 mostly clavichord, harpsichord, but always piano too. The organ does not
 really do it for me. Actually I've got a rented rented clavichord in my
 bedroom now, it is really sweet.
 I know harpsichordists like to hate THE one and only GG recording, but I love
 certain selections, especially the A+ prelude. I was
 totally delighted to find a really informative article on exactly that, 
 in the latest edition of "Glenn Gould".
 I guess I'm pretty lucky, being in GG-town.
 Often I ride by his old apt. on St. Clair ave on my way downtown,
 nice to see they put a really nice little plac there.
 Another sort of silly thing: first time I saw _The Chickering_ I felt
 almost nervous, like I was in the presence of something.
 Must have watched "Off the Record" too many times, you know, that
 totally incredible performance of the first Art of the Fugue....
 sooo slow you think the world will melt,
 that has to be my ultimate GG experience so far.
 I enjoy this list, and I look forward to seeing what you have to say 
 about all things _Gould_!
 Thanks to Mary Jo for the list!!!
 Jeff Dods,