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GG: Intro

Hi to all,

I've only been on f_minor for a month or so and have probably not contributed
much since many of the interchanges seem to be more connected to literary
concerns related to GG than to his music. 

My interest in GG goes back to shortly after the 1955 Goldberg issued and a
friend played it for me.  I enjoy any of his Bach, the Hindemith sonatas, the
Wagner transcriptions and his Mozart and Beethoven (or should I say, GGs
extension of his Bach style to Mozart and Beethoven).  Indeed, most of the
Mozart piano sonatas first reached my ears in his interpretations.  Now,
"standard" versions seem strange!

I also enjoy the Beethoven-Liszt 5th and 6th symphonies, particularly the 5th
in the GG treatment.

       Don Yungkurth  (DYungkurth@aol.com)